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Version: Atlas v3.12

Scheduling Assistant Overview


Scheduling Assistant

If not managed appropriately, scheduled searches can directly impact the performance of the Splunk environment. In a mature Splunk environment it is not uncommon to have poorly configured scheduled search and scheduling bottlenecks that lead to environment slowdowns, CPU over-utilization, and skipped searches. For Splunk users, this means their active investigations get stuck in the search queue, waiting for resources to become available. Worse yet, when you have concurrency spikes in your Splunk environment, your searches might be skipped causing critical alerts to not run at all!

Atlas Scheduling Assistant is a powerful tool that not only shows you the heartbeat of your Splunk scheduler, but also provides you with tools to triage and resolve this problem. This eliminates the need for Splunk administrators to spend countless hours searching for and manually testing changes to optimize search schedules. With Scheduling Assistant, you can reduce the time to fix and the time to optimize scheduled searches from days to minutes, giving valuable time back to your Splunk administration Team.

Scheduling Assistant Capabilities

  • Visualizations to identify periods of high pending, scheduled, and skipped scheduled searches

  • Prioritized list of scheduled searches to triage based on environmental impact, best practice, and poor historical performance

  • Acknowledge identified searches, enabling admins to log work and decisions in Atlas

  • Test and apply new schedules to searches to reduce skip rates and improve system performance

  • Self Service email alert to notify owners of skipped searches that their search has failed to execute and direct guidance on how to resolve the issue

  • Scheduler Health Score revealing concurrency issues in environment that can hamper usability and accuracy

  • Scheduling Activity module that helps identify searches activating in high concurrency bottlenecks

  • Cron Helper dashboard for creating and validating cron schedules in application