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Version: Atlas v3.8

Forwarder Awareness Overview


Forwarder Awareness

Atlas Forwarder Awareness provides a meaningful way to monitor the Splunk forwarders in your Splunk environment. It achieves this by equipping your Splunk admins with the tools they need to effectively monitor your forwarder connections in order to provide them with the insights they need to understand the health of the forwarders and how each forwarder is impacting your license.

Most importantly, Forwarder Awareness allows you to monitor forwarders that have gone offline and what data feeds are impacted. Other solutions require you to proactively define your forwarder ecosystem, but Atlas Forwarder Awareness is reactive as it provides reports about your environment based on its use—which increases usability and visibility while reducing administrator workload. Forwarder Awareness enables admins to group together forwarders, coalescing status reports while also tracking forwarder uptime, thus enabling admins to find problematic forwarders quickly.

Forwarder Awareness Capabilities

  • Create and report Forwarding Groups, enabling admins to quickly identify and label critical forwarding groups and view status on a group-by-group basis

  • Report on Uptime by Forwarder to enable visibility and tracking of problematic users

  • Advanced Reporting that alerts owners of Forwarding Groups that’s their forwarders have been reported as dropped

  • Display connected Splunk Forwarders along with critical metadata including OS, Splunk Forwarder Version, and data throughput

  • Missing Forwarder feature that tracks and alerts when forwarders have failed to report in and provides the user with information about the impact to their system

  • Pre-built alerts that enable notifications to the end user on forwarder change of status