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Version: Atlas v3.11

Forwarder Awareness Overview


Forwarder Awareness

Atlas Forwarder Awareness offers a powerful way to monitor Splunk forwarders. It empowers Splunk admins with tools to effectively track forwarder connections, providing insights into their health and impact on Splunk licensing.

A key feature of Forwarder Awareness is the monitoring of offline forwarders and the affected data feeds. Unlike solutions requiring predefined forwarder setups, Forwarder Awareness reactively reports on your environment based on usage, enhancing visibility while reducing admin workload.

The tool enables logically grouping forwarders for consolidated status reporting and tracking uptime, allowing quick identification of problematic forwarders and their impact to your business. With Forwarder Awareness, Splunk administrators can efficiently manage their forwarder ecosystem, ensuring optimal performance and license utilization.

Forwarder Awareness Capabilities

  • Organize and monitor Forwarding Groups based on business logic, enabling quick visibility into the status of critical data sources
  • Track forwarder uptime to identify problematic systems impacting data collection
  • Advanced reporting alerts system owners when forwarders go offline, providing impact analysis
  • Get a consolidated view of connected forwarders with key details like OS, version, and data throughput metrics
  • Missing Forwarder tracking highlights failed forwarders and assesses the impact on overall Splunk operations
  • Preconfigured alerts notify you of forwarder status changes to promptly address issues