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Version: Atlas v3.12

ES Helper Overview


ES Helper

Splunk Enterprise Security (ES) is a powerful tool that can help organizations achieve a clearer picture of their security posture, perform advanced threat detection, and rapidly investigate and respond to threats. However, to truly realize the value of Splunk Enterprise Security you must ensure that you are ingesting the data sources required to populate the ES dashboards. Without the appropriate data onboarded into your Splunk implementation, ES cannot deliver the value that it should. More importantly, identifying the data sources and prioritizing which data should be brought in first is typically where customers get stuck when attempting to implement ES. A stalled ES implementation leads to valuable time that is lost leaving your organization in a vulnerable state.

Atlas ES Helper is designed to provide you with expert guidance for achieving a successful ES deployment by helping you to identify the data sources that are required to get the real value out of Splunk’s Enterprise Security platform. ES Helper tracks your progress and provides a scoring mechanism that will show you the health of your ES deployment by analyzing your Splunk system.

ES Helper Capabilities

  • Provides a health score that measures how well your Enterprise Security deployment is populated with actionable data

  • Automated recommendations report that recommends data sources based on their coverage gaps and priorities of use cases

  • Report that identifies where data is currently being utilized in an ES deployment

  • Identify unaccelerated data models that can cripple alert search speeds