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Version: Atlas V2022.3.0

App Awareness Overview

App Awareness

App Awareness

The App Awareness Atlas element is used to help Admins understand what Splunk Apps are deployed in their Splunk environment, how they are being used, and who is using them. App Awareness is also specifically designed to help find inconsistencies in Splunk Apps deployed across your entire Splunk infrastructure. App Awareness can help you quickly identify App version drift by showing you versions of apps and which Splunk Server they are deployed to in your environment. It will also help you identify all of your Splunk default and local Knowledge Objects in one easy to use interface.

This can be useful for when you need to isolate changes you've made to your Apps or want to understand what customizations you will need to include when migrating to Splunk Cloud. App Awareness is a companion App to the Atlas Splunk Migration Helper Application that helps you migration your Splunk environment from one environment to another but also supports many use cases on its own.

App Awareness Capabilities

  • Understand how your users are using your Splunk Applications

  • Monitor activity across all apps and dashboards

  • Identify default and local Splunk knowledge objects quickly

  • Quickly locate Splunk App version inconsistencies across your entire Splunk infrastructure

Atlas App Awareness Overview Video