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Version: Atlas v3.12

Welcome to the Atlas Platform

Atlas Core

Atlas -- the Creator Empowerment Platform -- provides a powerful new experience with Splunk technologies that enables and guides analysts, engineers, admins, and end-users in their journeys to create incredible insights for security, IT operations, and observability.

The Atlas platform features data center architectures, personal guidance and support, and a collection of applications and utilities that provide powerful insights and clarity, instantly. The platform's components offer new, innovative solutions for the Splunk community that ensures scalable, consistent success with minimal effort. At the center of that experience is a suite of transformative applications that revolutionize how you work with Splunk.

Creators are people who are aligned on a mission to create an exciting future and deliver outcomes. Atlas greatly enhances creator initiatives to leverage Splunk for harnessing the power of data to deliver valuable business insights and outcomes that improve lives.

The cornerstones of value that Atlas provides to Splunk Customers:

  • Drive adoption of Splunk across the enterprise by enabling "creators".
  • Optimize all costs associated with the operation of Splunk.
  • Drive new and powerful use cases that deliver business results.

Atlas Docs

This is the Atlas platform Docs site. You can use this site to find all of the how-to documentation for using the Atlas software platform as well as executing common use cases in Splunk using Atlas.

Getting Started

Atlas Essentials for Splunk Elements

Atlas Helper Elements

Atlas Premium Elements