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Version: Atlas 2022.3.2

Downloading Atlas

Access the Customer Portal

  1. Navigate to our Customer Service Portal.

    Main Login

  2. Log into portal

    • User name: <Customer’s email address>

    • Temporary password: Use the temporary password provided by email

      • You will be prompted to change password after initial log-on


  3. Once logged in, select “Request Something”.


  4. Under the support tab, select "Create a Customer Case".

    Support Categories

  5. You will need to complete the following ticket request:

    Download Atlas -> Select License & Version -> Accept Terms & Conditions

    Customer Case 1

    If you would prefer, you can email to request help instead.

  6. Then, you will be able to download individual .ZIPs, the entire Atlas Platform as a single .ZIP, or the Atlas Puppet Modules.

    Atlas Download