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Version: Atlas V2022.3.0

Atlas Core Overview


Atlas Core

Atlas Core is the primary interface into the Atlas platform. This is central management console for navigating and managing Atlas. Atlas Core can also be configured to serve as your "homepage" for Atlas and Splunk. You will use Atlas Core to access all of the elements contained within the Atlas platform. Atlas core helps you manage your Atlas licensing and will also monitor all of the user activity carried out in Atlas. As a Splunk admin, Atlas Core can be configured to allow you to customize how you want your users to interact with Splunk. You can quickly and easily customize your Atlas Home page to be the portal for your Splunk implementation.

Navigation in Atlas Core is very simple. Each Atlas element is represented by a tile. The tile construct provides a unique way for the user to understand what each Atlas element is and what it does before navigating to it. To enter into an Atlas Element you simply click on the desired tile.

Atlas Core Tile Nav

License Management

Atlas Core also serves as the license management interface for Atlas. Atlas Core controls how you install and deploy a license key as well what you can access within Atlas while using it. To learn more about managing your Atlas license see the Install a License Key section of the documentation.


Atlas Audit

Atlas Core also contains Atlas Audit, which audits all of the activities that users execute within Atlas. This can be used to monitor how much activity each Atlas element is getting and also review many of the actions that users carry out within the Atlas elements. This is useful for when you need to evaluate changes that a user made and what specific actions were completed by a user. Some Atlas Elements are able to modify your Splunk environment. Atlas Audit will track those changes made to Splunk using Atlas and can show you what change was made and who made the change.

To access Atlas Audit click on the Atlas Audit link on the top menu in the Atlas Core App. You can filter or search the tracked actions by Atlas element, user or by using a wildcard search to search all fields in the time range.


Adjust the time range selector at the top of the Atlas Audit page so that you are searching Atlas actions within your desired time range. The default time range setting is the last 24 hours.

Atlas Audit has two primary areas that can be used to review the activity that users perform in Atlas: the Activity Summary and the Audit Report.

Activity Summary

The first area is the activity summary. This gives you summary information that shows you how many actions performed by users that was captured by Atlas Audit.

Activity Summary

Audit Logs

The second area is the Audit Logs which lists details for the actions captured by Atlas Audit. You can search and filter the events to locate the actions you are concerned about.

Audit Logs