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Version: Atlas v3.6

Atlas Assessment Overview


Atlas Assessment

Atlas Assessment is a powerful tool that comes packaged in the Atlas Core Element. Using Assessment, a Splunk admin can have key visibility into the health of their Splunk environment and see how Atlas can solve issues and improve processes from top to bottom. It is recommended that all Atlas owners start with Atlas Assessment to identify weaknesses in their current Splunk Deployment, and where Atlas can enable immediate results. Following Atlas Assessment recommendations can improve Splunk search speeds, increase data stability, reduce Splunk costs and ingests, and greatly improve Splunk adoption across users and admins.

Don't Have Atlas, But Looking for an Assessment?

Atlas Assessments can be performed using the stand-alone Atlas Assessment, available on SplunkBase. This is available for everyone and does not require an Atlas License.

Assessment Requirements

  • You must run Atlas Assessment as an Admin

  • You should run Atlas Assessment on an active, production Search Head to allow the most comprehensive assessment of your Splunk environment


If your Search Head is in Splunk Cloud, install Atlas Assessment using SplunkBase.

Atlas Assessment Features

  • Automated checks against your Splunk Environment to identify problematic areas

  • Key Performance Indicators to track severity of issues found

  • Explanations of impact from discovered issues and recommendations for solutions

  • Exportable list of findings and recommendations for consumption and tracking