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Version: Atlas v3.12

Splunk Performance & Capacity Analytics Overview


Splunk Performance & Capacity Analytics Overview

The Splunk Performance and Capacity Analytics (PCA) element was designed to provide a single-pane-of-glass view into the status, performance, and resource utilization trends across your Splunk Enterprise deployment. It provides many of the most useful metrics available in the Splunk Monitoring Console, and several essential views it does not provide, without having to locate and open numerous views or other dashboards.

The PCA element also provides historical and trend data that is very useful for both troubleshooting immediate issues as well as performing longer term resource and license usage analysis and planning.

This Atlas element provides a quick status view of the most critical performance metrics for a Splunk implementation (availability, indexing and replication integrity, CPU, memory, disk usage and IOPS, and many more) which can easily be checked periodically to stay ahead of developing issues. Any Splunk administrator will want to monitor this element as part of their daily workflow to keep tabs on Splunk health from one convenient view.

Splunk Performance & Capacity Analytics Capabilities

  • Review high level summary KPIs to quickly identify any Splunk component availability or performance issues.
  • View performance metrics by Splunk tier so you quickly know if a component of your environment is having problems.
  • Includes an easy-to-use configuration tool to get PCA up and running quickly.
  • Visualize historical performance and resource utilization trends to investigate developing issues and for capacity planning.