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Version: Atlas V2022.3.0

Data Utilization Overview


Data Utilization

The Data Utilization Application provides Splunk administrators with comprehensive insights about who is your using your Splunk data and how. This information is critical when you are determining how to optimize your Splunk environment by ensuring that you have the appropriate visibility in your environment and how users interact with it. Data Utilization can help Splunk admins follow data hygiene best practices to keep their Splunk environments running effectively and utilize license space efficiently.

Data Utilization Capabilities

  • Analyzes Index Source type utilization across ad-hoc searches, scheduled searches, and dashboard utilization

  • Key metrics to identify percent of ingest and license not being utilized, and changeable definitions for utilization

  • Zoom in and out of your investigation, looking at utilization from an index level, or from a source type-source level

  • Investigate and track how your data is being searched by wildcard searches

  • Reveals which users, searches, and dashboards are utilizing selected source type and index pairings

  • Review Searches being ran against identified data ingests