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Version: Atlas V2022.3.0

Data Management Overview


Data Management

The Atlas Data Management Application provides Splunk administrators with a comprehensive set of tools that help with getting data into Splunk and then managing it through its lifecycle. Data Management includes an interface that allows users to request data from Splunk administrators, inventory the data after it has been ingested and then proactively monitor the data feed once it is active.

Data Management Capabilities

  • Create a meaningful inventory of the data that you are ingesting into your Splunk environment

  • Automatically create alerts for monitoring critical data feeds in your Splunk environment

  • Provides a workflow management tool for users to request data they want ingested into Splunk

  • Track ownership of indexes and source types that you have coming into your Splunk environment

  • Correlate index and source type information back to ingest rates and license consumption

  • User friendly interface that makes day-to-day data onboarding much easier