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Version: Atlas 2022.3.2

Install a License Key

Atlas must be activated with a license key. Installing the key is accomplished using the License Configuration page in Atlas Core. Once you have successfully installed Atlas and have obtained a license key from the Atlas customer support portal, you are ready to activate Atlas with your key.

Installing a License Key

  1. On the Splunk Search Head or Search Head Cluster where the Atlas Platform software was installed, navigate to Atlas Core by searching for Atlas from the Splunk Apps bar or the App Navigation menu


  2. Select the Licensing configuration page from the navigation bar


  3. Click the Edit License button at the bottom of the page.


  4. In license edit mode, paste the key provided to you into the text box on the screen and click the Save button.

  5. If adding a new license key you will be asked to read and accept the license agreement

If you receive errors on saving your license, reach out to Atlas Support for assistance or submit a case in the Atlas Customer Support Portal.