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Version: Atlas v3.11

Buying Atlas Online

Atlas user based licenses can be purchased through online store at This process allows you to buy the license that is right for you and can get you up and running with Atlas in a very short amount of time.

Atlas License Types

The Atlas platform can be licensed for usage in two primary ways, enterprise licenses and user based licenses. The primary differences between the two is that user based licenses restrict access to Atlas elements to users that are assigned to Atlas, while enterprise licenses allow for unlimited usage of Atlas as long as the user has been given access. Atlas core is usable by any Splunk user in both license scenarios. In a user based license scenario, the Atlas elements are not accessible to users not assigned as a user in Atlas. The other primary difference between User Based licenses and Enterprise licenses is that Enterprise comes with Expertise on Demand while it must be added to user based licenses.

User Based Licenses

  • Can be purchased in monthly or annual subscriptions
  • Restricts the access to Atlas in your Splunk environment based on the number of users purchased.
  • You must purchase the appropriate quantity of users (or seats) that you would like to have use Atlas. For example, if you want three users to be able to use Atlas, you must purchase license that allows you to assign three users to Atlas. This is accomplished by updating the quantity in the shopping cart.
  • The Expertise on Demand service is not included, but can be added to a user based subscription for an additional monthly fee

Enterprise Licenses

  • Allows for unlimited Atlas users
  • Includes the Expertise on Demand services
  • Pricing is based on data ingest and not users
  • Atlas Enterprise licenses cannot be purchased via the online store. Please contact Kinney Group Sales for further assistance.

Executing an Atlas License Purchase Through the Online Store

Atlas licenses can be purchased online from the Kinney Group website.


Atlas is sold and fulfilled by FastSpring an authorized reseller and Merchant of Record. You will be directed to the FastSpring website to complete your purchase.

Checkout Process

  1. Navigate to and click on the Buy Atlas link and you will be directed to the Atlas pricing page.

  2. Here you can determine which product you'd like to buy and click on the Buy Now button under the product you'd like to purchase.

  3. From here you will be directed to the checkout page for the product that you selected.

  4. Atlas user based licenses are sold per user. This means that you must purchase a license for the quantity of users that you want to use Atlas in your Splunk environment. Adjust the quantity of users by selecting the amount in your shopping cart and your subtotal will update.

  5. Atlas Expertise on Demand (EOD) is sold as an add-on to an Atlas subscription. This is not charged per user, but as additional cost per the selected term. For example, if you purchase a monthly subscription of Atlas for three users and you add on EOD you will be charged for a three user license plus the additional cost of EOD each month.

  6. Once you've made your product selections, selected your quantities, and have added them to the cart you will enter your email address in the Your Payment box and click on the payment type you wish to use.

  7. If you select credit card, a modal will appear requesting the rest of your information. You must provide the following information to complete your purchase:

    • Company Name
    • Email Address
    • Credit Card Information
    • Billing Address
    • Zip Code to determine the taxes
  8. Click the Pay button to complete your transaction.

  9. After the transaction you will be sent two emails. One email will be a purchase receipt. The other will be an email with you license key and instructions for what to do next.

Post Purchase Procedures


  • A link to download Atlas will be provided in the email sent to the address used to create the account. Those instructions can also be found here.


Get Support

  • If you purchased an EOD add-on subscription, someone from the EOD Team will reach out to you to schedule your first session.

Additional Resources

Policies and Restrictions

  • Atlas license sales are final. Refunds are not permitted.
  • The online store cannot support transactions above $50,000. Please contact Kinney Group Sales for support.
  • Atlas cannot support multiple license keys. Please do not buy additional licenses for the same Splunk implementation. Reach out to support for assistance.
  • You must purchase one Atlas license key for each implementation of Splunk that you wish to deploy it to.
  • The web storefront cannot be used to downgrade the number of users assigned to a license. Customer support can assist with this request.
  • If you have selected a monthly or annual subscription to Atlas, your card will automatically be billed each billing cycle unless you cancel the subscription.