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Version: Atlas v3.11

Obtaining a License Key

An Atlas License Key is necessary for downloading and enabling the Atlas Platform. Depending on how Atlas is purchased, an Atlas user will receive an Atlas License Key in different ways.

  • If Atlas was purchased through the online subscription portal, then the Atlas License Key will be emailed directly to the account that purchased Atlas. When the subscription renews, another license will be sent to the email at the appropriate time. To change this process, or receive assistance in the event no key has been sent post purchase, reach out to Expertise on Demand.
  • If Atlas was purchased directly from Kinney Group, then Expertise on Demand will reach out with the appropriate Atlas License Key and further details.

If you receive errors on obtaining your license, reach out to Atlas Support for assistance or submit a case in the Atlas Customer Support Portal.

With an Atlas License Key, an Atlas owner can now continue to Downloading Atlas.