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Version: Atlas v3.11

Atlas Platform Version History

Atlas Application Suite Version History Overview

The following table has a detailed view of each Element in the Atlas App Suite. Scroll down to the Version Table to see additional details.

To view the version of your Atlas Platform, check the header on your Atlas Core navigation bar. To view the version of a Atlas Element while in the application, select ‘Help’ in the top right, and then ‘About’. The version of the current application should then be present at the bottom of the modal.

See combined release notes of each Atlas Release here.

Atlas Elements

Atlas = Atlas Platform, Core = Atlas Core, AA = App Awareness, DM = Data Management, DU = Data Utilization, ESH = ES Helper, FA = Forwarder Awareness, Mon = Monitor, SA = Scheduling Assistant, SI = Scheduling Inspector, SL = Search Library, SMH = Splunk Migration Helper, PCA = Splunk Performance and Capacity Analytics, STIG = Atlas STIG Compliance


Atlas Assessment

Atlas PlatformAssessmentSplunk Base

Atlas Technical Add-Ons