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Version: Atlas v3.12

Atlas Known Issues

Current Known Issues

Atlas CoreSelecting a row on the Audit table on Atlas Audit dashboard does not populate the following dropdown inputResearching
App AwarenessSelecting some applications in the filter on the App Utilization dashboard may disable the functionality of the Dashboards Enabled/Disabled KPIResearching
Scheduling AssistantAligning search schedules and time ranges on Atlas Targets using the Scheduling Assistant Beta dashboard does not workResearching
STIG ComplianceAfter an upgrade of the STIG Compliance element, the STIG Library may need to be manually updated on clustered search head deployments. This may be noticeable when you don't see any data in the STIG Library or the new version is not present.Workaround IdentifiedWorkaround: Update the STIG Library with the desired version using the process documented.