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Version: Atlas V2022.3.0

Add a Custom App Tile to Atlas Core

Admins can add their own Splunk apps to Atlas Core as a Custom App Tile. Using this feature, admins can make Atlas Core the home page for Splunk for all Splunk users, increasing usability and visibility of the Splunk platform.

To add an app, navigate to Atlas Core home page and select the settings cog in the top right. It will then be replaced with a "Save" and "Cancel" button.

Admins can now select a shadow plus icon to the right of any element last in a list.


Selecting the icon will open up the "Add an Element" modal. Fill out the fields and hit Submit to add the tile

  • App (required): A drop down enabling the admin to select a Splunk App found on the Search Head

  • Title (required): A name for the tile that will be used on the display, will be prepopulated with the label of the selected app

  • Description: A description of the app for users that will be used on the display, will be prepopulated with the description of the selected app

  • Icon: An icon for the app, will be prepopulated with the selected app's icon, but a library of generic icons is provided

After submitting, a tile should be created



Be sure to save your changes by selecting "Save" on the navigation bar

Congratulations! You now have a custom tile that links users to a custom Splunk app!

Delete a Custom App

Deleting a custom element tile is easy. Enter Edit mode by selecting the Cog on the top right of the navigation bar (as an admin). Each custom app tile should now have a trash can icon on their top right. Remove the tiles by selecting the trash can icon, and then select Save.